Dolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals and are part of the family of toothed whales that includes orcas and pilot whales. They are found worldwide, mostly in shallow seas of the continental shelves, and are carnivores.

KINGDOM:AnimaliaPHYLUM:ChordataCLASS:MammaliaORDER:CetaceaSUBORDER:OdontocetiFAMILY:DelphinidaeGENUS SPECIES:Tursiopstruncatus

Last Holiday

There is nothing special on my last holiday. I don't go anywhere far from my city. Most of time I spent it in my room. Watching a lot of film on my laptop. Korean drama, or American TV Series. I also cleaned every dust in my room. That was a tiring activity. Sometimes, I also went to the mall. Just did a little shopping here and there, had a meal, watching cinema, etc. Even though I'm wearing hijab, I also went to the salon for creambath, and cut. Just a girl thing.

On 31st December, my cousins and I decided to go to Dago for celebrating new year. Usually, we go to Takigawa. But, unfortunately the restaurant is full. So we need to find another restaurant. Our last choice was Sierra. It was some kind of fine dine restaurant. We had to chose the appetizer, main dish, and drink. The appetizer was come as soon as we ordered. The drink also came soon. But, the for the main dish, we need to wait around 2 hours to get it. Our drink already finished. And we feel really hungry. And whe…

Our Plan

Azka : Good Morning, Dinda!
Dinda : Hey Azka. What will you do next holiday?
Azka : I don't know yet... How 'bout you?
Dinda : Me neither! Why don't we go on a holiday together? 
Azka : That's a good idea! Where do we gonna go?
Dinda : What about Jakarta?
Azka : Hmm, I just went there last month. What about Bali?
Dinda : OKAY! Let's go this weekend.
Azka : Alright. I'll book the plane tickets right away.
Dinda : What'll we tell our parents?
Azka : That we need to refresh our minds from studying to much in SMAN 3 Bandung>
Dinda : HAHAH okay.

Unforgettable Memories.

This time, I will tell how grateful I am to these people. My 9th grade friends. You maybe think that what have they done to make me feel very grateful.

9th grade should be the most stressful and busy year of middle school because of UN or Ujian Nasional that we're going to do in that year. But in my opinion, 9th grade was the most unforgettable year of my school life.

In that year, I learned poker game for the first time. My friend teach me how to play it. We're not played it for money. We just played it for fun. So, with one pack of card, four players, one speaker, and overplayed songs in the background, happiness is not hard to find in our class. Even when I lose or just watch my friend play the card, but it felt like weight in my shoulder was lifted. We shared funny stories that made me laughed 'till my stomach is hurt and my eyes watered. We told our hatred to someone else. Not a good behavior, but who are they to judge.

Also in that year, we did UPrak or Ujian Praktek…