Our Plan

Azka : Good Morning, Dinda!
Dinda : Hey Azka. What will you do next holiday?
Azka : I don't know yet... How 'bout you?
Dinda : Me neither! Why don't we go on a holiday together? 
Azka : That's a good idea! Where do we gonna go?
Dinda : What about Jakarta?
Azka : Hmm, I just went there last month. What about Bali?
Dinda : OKAY! Let's go this weekend.
Azka : Alright. I'll book the plane tickets right away.
Dinda : What'll we tell our parents?
Azka : That we need to refresh our minds from studying to much in SMAN 3 Bandung>
Dinda : HAHAH okay.

Unforgettable Memories.

This time, I will tell how grateful I am to these people. My 9th grade friends. You maybe think that what have they done to make me feel very grateful.

9th grade should be the most stressful and busy year of middle school because of UN or Ujian Nasional that we're going to do in that year. But in my opinion, 9th grade was the most unforgettable year of my school life.

In that year, I learned poker game for the first time. My friend teach me how to play it. We're not played it for money. We just played it for fun. So, with one pack of card, four players, one speaker, and overplayed songs in the background, happiness is not hard to find in our class. Even when I lose or just watch my friend play the card, but it felt like weight in my shoulder was lifted. We shared funny stories that made me laughed 'till my stomach is hurt and my eyes watered. We told our hatred to someone else. Not a good behavior, but who are they to judge.

Also in that year, we did UPrak or Ujian Praktek…


First day at school, in SMAN 3 Bandung.

Dinda : Hey! What's your name?
Azka : Hey you, my name is Azka. What's yours?
Dinda : My name is Dinda...
Azka : Well, nice to meet you Dinda...
Dinda : Nice to meet you too. What class are you in?
Azka : I'm in X MIPA 8. How about you?
Dinda : ME TOO!!!
Azka : Really?! Then be my chairmate!
Dinda : I don't want to.
Azka : WHYY :(
Dinda : Just kidding...
Azka : Not funny...

In X MIPA 8.

Azka : How about we get to know each other?
Dinda : Sure! What's your favorite color?
Azka : I love blue.
Dinda : Oh.. So, that's why your bag color is blue!
Azka : Yeah, you were right! What is your favorite color?
Dinda : Pink.
Azka : Oh, that's great! What's your favorite food?
Dinda : I don't have any favorite food. How about you?
Azka: I like ice cream.
Dinda: That's nice.

About me.

My name is Azka Khaira Dalila Urfa. You can call me Azka.
Actually, the reason why I write this blog is because my English teacher ask us to do this task. We need to tell about ourselves. So, let me tell you about myself. I was born in Bandung on 26 November.

I'm a first grader student of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. My class is X MIPA 8. It is on the the third floor of our school. So it was very tiring when it's break time. My middle school is SMP Negeri 2 Bandung. There is at least 45 student from my middle school that got accepted in SMAN 3 Bandung. I have one younger sister. Her name is Ajda. She still in first grade of elementary school.

I like to write, but I'm never good at writing about myself. Random thing about me, I like glowing things like star, moon, and glow in the dark stickers. My room's ceiling is full of glow in the dark sticker.